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 Market Share By Management Firm Top 25-2005
 Market Share By Management Firm Top 25-March 2008
 Otranto Station Post and Courier Article-Oct. 22,2005
 Otranto Station Post and Courier Article-September 5, 2005
 Top 10 Management Company-2000 Charleston Apartment Report
 Southtrust Fall 1999
 Top Businesses Post and Courier Article-February 25, 1996
 Jimmy Kerr-Presidential Perspective
 TOP Award Winner
 The Daniel Island News Article-September 27, 2007
 The Grove Post and Courier Article -June 4, 2007
 The Grove Post and Courier Article-June 30, 2007
 St. Charles Post and Courier Article-November 1, 2008
 NAHMA News Article Dec 2008
 Anchorage Post and Courier Article August 1, 2009
 HUD Letter 03/27/2009
 Market Share By Management Firm Top 25-Sept. 2009
 TTC Maintenance Program Post and Courier Article-December 31, 2009
 Citadel School of Business Advisory Board New Chairperson 02/18/10
 Citadel School of Business Administration Hall of Fame PC Article 04/16/10
 Charleston Regional Business Journal Article July 18, 2011
 Tidewater and Madison Apartments Purchase Article
 Market Share By Management Firm Top 25-2012
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